POST MASTER DEGREE® offered by three French higher Education institutions MINES ParisTech, Géologie Nancy, MINES Nancy,  
in the framework of the Mineral industry & Territorial dynamics chair

To train experts for the mineral resources industry in order to assist the mining sector towards the best possible integration of mining projects in their physical and human environment  through dialogue
between the territory stakeholders
  • Professionals of the mining industry,  
  • Environmental engineers,  
  • Young graduates (MSc or MEng),  
  • Technicians with professional experience,  
  • Executives and decision makers in economic and social development, executives of public administrations,  
  • Teachers, trainers …

Next session: Septembre, 30
th 2022
Duration: 12 month  

Core courses: October 2022 to january 2023  
Major choice: february to April 2023  
Language: English  

Registration until july 2022 
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Trainin location:
Pratical informations  

 MINES ParisTech - Centre de Géosciences  

35 rue Saint-Honoré - 77300 FONTAINEBLEAU FRANCE  
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Mrs Patricia Fraile
Administrative manager of training 
Tel :+33 1 64 69 49 04 
Cost for company : 15 000 €  
Cost for individual student : 7 500 €  
+ Registration fees : 800 €

CORE COURSES: mineral resources industry and society  
(450 hours – 25 ECTS) in Fontainebleau (France) near Paris  
Field works in engineering geology, mining and environment; overview of the mining process: exploration, mining and processing methods; sampling; economic evaluation of mining projects; environmental, social and human issues; safety; crisis simulation; geopolitics, market and role of lawyer and bank. 
MAJOR 1 – Open-pit and underground mining operations  
(390 hours – 20 ECTS) in Fontainebleau (France)  
Geomechanics and water management; deposit modelling and mine planning; technical aspects (blasting, mining equipment selection and fleet design, etc.); sampling and reconciliation; uncertainties and risks; synthesis project “from exploration to mining”; technical visits  
MAJOR 2 – Exploration and modelling of deposits  
(330 hours – 20 ECTS) in Nancy (France)  
Integrated models of deposits and provinces, anomalies, structural and geodynamic frameworks, sedimentary basins, presentation of major types of deposits, Mineral characterization, modeling and evaluation of deposits, exploration of metallic deposits  
MAJOR 3 – Beneficiation and mineral processing  
(390 hours – 20 ECTS) in Nancy (France)  
Characterization of the mineral / water interface; resource modelling and evaluation; mining of mineral raw materials; ore processing and case studies; advanced mineral processing; recycling; resource management  
PROFESSIONNAL THESIS : 630 hours – 30 ECTS, from May to September
The professional thesis is a study and research work applied to each major of the programme. The subject is defined by the student and his/her organization or company of origin in relationship with his/her actual or future professional concerns. During this work, the student is supervised by an academic tutor and a professional tutor.
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