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Signature of the Framework Convention 
The Chair's Framework Agreement governing the modalities of operation and collaboration between the Founding Schools and the sponsoring partners was signed by all the Parties on November, 19th 2020. This agreement brings together 10 signatories

• 4 Patrons: Ministère de la Transition Ecologique, Eramet, Imerys, Orano ;
• 4 founders schools : MINES ParisTech, IMT Mines Alès, Mines Nancy, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie ;
• Institutional guardianships: Institut Mines-Télécom, Université de Lorraine, CNRS via l’Unité Mixte de Recherche GéoRessources ;
• Bottom collector: Fondation Mines-Télécom.
The Sponsorship Agreement for Members, to be signed between the Member individually and the Mines-Telecom Foundation, will be sent to each Member by the end of 2020.


Steering Committee, General Assembly and scientific seminar

The next Steering Committee and the next General Assembly, followed by a scientific seminar, will take place by videoconference on December, 14th 2020. The agenda is as follows: 
• 14h00 – 15h30: Steering Committee
• 15h40 – 16h40: General Assembly
• 16h40 – 17h30: scientific seminar : 
« Evaluer les risques miniers à l’échelle territoriale pour comparer des scénarios de développement : l’exemple de l’or en Guyane » (Ottone Scammacca, Mines Nancy) 
The whole team of the Chair is looking forward to seeing you there.
!WARNING! this event is exclusively reserved for the Partners of the Chair.

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